Skin Care

Determining what Type of Skin You Have

Did you know that your skin has a certain type? Knowing what type you belong to is actually the first step to getting a beautiful and healthy skin. This will serve as your guide in choosing the right cosmetic and beauty products to use to get the results you’ve always wanted.

There are 5 types of skin:

1. Normal

This is the type of skin that’s neither too dry nor too oily, so that means it’s balanced. Skin is practically non-sensitive so you’re not prone to breakouts. You also have a naturally glowing complexion because the light it reflects is even. Basically, there’s nothing much wrong with your skin so you can use many products minus the worry for adverse reactions.

2. Dry

Apart from having a dull and rough complexion, you easily get red patches and may be prone to eczema, a condition that produces dry rash like spots on your skin. Because it has less elasticity, your skin would often feel tight by the time afternoon or evening rolls around. Sometimes, it could even be as early as two hours after moisturizer application.

3. Oily

As implied in its name, your face would look shiny and moist particularly in the middle of the day when oil is at its peak. Your pores are enlarged and clogged; which unfortunately, make your skin prone to both inflammatory acne (pimples and cystic zits) and non-inflammatory acne (blackheads and whiteheads). Note that the common factors for oily skin are stress, puberty and hormonal imbalances, heat and over-humidity exposure.

4. Sensitive

If your skin gets easily irritated when you use certain products or even sun block, you can bet that you have sensitive skin. Symptoms can show as redness, itching, burning or a stinging sensation. With this skin type, you need to be more meticulous with the products you choose because it means your skin is allergic to one or some of the product’s ingredients.

5. Combination

This skin type would have the areas of your eyes, temple and cheeks dry while your T-zones (forehead, nose and chin) are oily and have the tendency to break out. This skin type would also have your skin change where it can go from very oily to extremely dry, depending upon the season or climate.

To determine your skin type, you can try what Rona Berg suggested in her book, “Beauty, the New Basics.” Wash your face, pat dry with a towel then with a lens-cleaning tissue paper or some pieces of rice paper, press on different areas of your face.

If the paper sticks and becomes translucent from picking oily spots, you have oily skin. If the paper doesn’t stick nor does it pick any oily spots, it means your skin is dry. If it sticks on your t-zones only, then it means you have combination or normal skin. For sensitive skin, you can tell based on the reactions you get when you use a product. To be safe, always do a test on a certain patch of your skin first.

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