Your DIY Passes to Getting Rid of Scars, Stretch Marks and Dark Circles

Who says you need to spend a fortune on getting rid of scars, stretch marks and dark circles? Say goodbye to those blemishes on these easy DIY natural treatments. Albeit effects are not instantaneous, these remedies have proven to be effective once given the chance to work at their own pace. These recipes make use of a number of ingredients so make sure you’re not allergy to any of them.

1. Cocoa Butter – For Scars, Stretch Marks and Dark Circles For scars and stretchmarks – Rub it on your target areas in circular motions. Continue doing so for two weeks when noticeable results can be seen. Dark Circles – Apply on the skin below your eyes. You can buy cocoa butter at your local pharmacy for a very cheap price.

2. Aloe Vera Gel – For Scars, Stetch Marks and Dark Circles Squeeze out the aloe vera gel and rub on your target area in circular movements for a few minutes to make sure that your skin has absorbed it. Aloe vera gel can be easily bought at your local pharmacy.

3. Turmeric, Yogurt and Lemon Juice – Scars and Dark Circles Mix one half tablespoon of turmeric with one tablespoon of yogurt having a minimum of ten percent fat in a glass bowl. Add in four to five drops of lemon juice and mix again. Apply on your target area and let it stay on skin for at least fifteen minutes. Continue to do the procedure everyday as noticeable results usually appear after two weeks.

4. Lemon – Scars Slice a lemon and rub directly on your scar in circular movements. Let it stay stay throughout the night and rinse with water the morning after.

5. Virgin Olive Oil and Turmeric Powder – Scars and Stretch Marks Combine one tablespoon of virgin olive oil and one half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture of your target areas and leave as long as you can. For more efficacy, leave olive oil in your scar or stretch mark overnight as well. In the absence of turmeric powder, you can use gram flour.

6. Bio Oil – Scars and Stretch Marks Bio Oil can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Follow instructions of application indicated in the bottle. This is found to be effective in removing even old scars.

7. Cica Care Gel Sheets or Silicone Scar Sheets – For Builtup of Tissue and Acne Scars as well as Stretch Marks Although these products are a little expensive, they are proven to be effective. You can purchase them from your local pharmacy and apply as instructed in its package.

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Right Eyeshadow

How to Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Eyeshadow

How do you make your eyes pop? Well, it’s all about finding the right eyeshadow for your eye color. If you’re on a daring mood and go out with a shadow that you don’t usually wear, this article is just what you need as we’ll be giving tips of some rather stunning shades that are sure to give your eyes some attention.

For starters, dab on some eyelid primer as it’ll do a great job in making your eye color more intense and vivid; thereby helping the pigment to stay in place.

1. Blue Eyes

Even on their own, your blue eyes already make a statement; hence it’s wise not to be so daring in your choice of eye color. However, if you’re really in a playful and creative mood, try dabbing some fuchsia or magenta eyeshadow. Be an electrified version of Elizabeth Taylor!

2. Brown Eyes

If you are brown-eyed, you’re one of those lucky girls who can pull off a range of pastel and bright colors. Although a little tricky, donning a gray shade will do wonder about transforming your eyes. That’s because the silver hues provide a perfect contrast to the brown’s warmth; thereby intensifying the tones of amber. This creates a multi-dimensional effect – a shimmery and smoky eye at the same time.

3. Hazel Eyes

Pick any color and your hazel eyes are sure to rock it with much confidence! What looks really cool though is putting on some royal blue hues. This gives a brightening effect of the camouflage shades of your irises; thereby bringing out yellow and amber undertones when the waterline is smudged.

4. Green Eyes

Sunset shades like amber does a great job of bringing our teal and yellow tinges in green eyes. If you check the color wheel, you’ll see that verdant and orange are split complements so they basically intensify each other minus the clashing. Try blending copper cream eyeshadow on the entire lid and in the corners then accentuate with a copper loose powder.

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prodermagenix reviews

A Prodermagenix Anti-Aging Serum Review

prodermagenix anti-aging serum
One look at the ProDermagenix Anti-Age Serum would have you whistling at its choice of packaging. For starters, it looks elegant. If you’re the type of person who gets easily attracted with how a product looks on the outside, then it would definitely catch your eye.

canstockphoto9900633A Promise of Skin Restoration

The serum promises to decrease wrinkles, fine lines and age spots as well as to repair your skin so that you could regain that young and radiant look back to your days of prime.

A check on its label would show that it has the key ingredients of collagen, moisturizers and vitamins which unite to deliver what skin restoration it promises. It works by imitating how it feels to have a face lift where you’ll feel a tightening of your skin as it’s pulled. Such action also results into having your skin smoothed and evened. Along with that, it sets to work on its mission while maintaining structural integrity of your skin’s cells.

washing face

Actual Usage Experience

Following the directions for use, Prodermagenix Anti-Aging Serum is pretty straightforward to use. Just make sure to wash and clean both face and neck then apply the serum and make sure that you use it twice a day.

To be honest, noticeable effects were not immediately seen until after two months of use but after the first weeks of usage, the effects of how it worked were already felt. Among these include the tightening of skin as if being pulled away that was mentioned.

The Promise Delivered

About two months with the product, signs of skin improvement began to show. Wrinkles did start to disappear and sun spots likewise started to fade. What’s more, skin has become softer to touch. Another month of usage and people were beginning to notice changes in my appearance but what really made my day was when others complimented that I look younger and asked I did to do so.

The Verdict

It’s one thing to feel a product’s effects for yourself but it’s a totally different thing when others see it too. And nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction when others see the difference you hope to achieve with it.

Prodermagenix Anti-Aging  Serum did all this for me and I couldn’t be any happier. Plus, it’s safe to use so that’s another plus points. I would highly recommend it for its desirable effects. The road to being wrinkle-free and restoring your youthful look starts and ends with it.

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cucumber lemon

Seven Skincare Tips Using Lemons

While Prodermagenix reviews have clearly demonstrated how the serum works as an anti-aging skin care system, it’s still worthwhile to go back to nature and take a look at how it can help us achieve young-looking skin.

This article’s focus is on the health giving goodness of the lemon fruit which extends beyond giving nutrients to your body. When it comes to anti-aging skin care, lemon can work wonders. Here are some ways on how to incorporate this amazing fruit into your beauty ritual:

  1. The next time you drink lemon juice, you might want to make an extra glass to use for brightening and softening your skin. Just use it on any body part you want to work on. It’s also good to include your elbows, knees and of course, your face.
  2. To moisturize dry skin, you can make your own mask by combining equal amounts of lemon, honey and olive oil. Apply to where your skin is dry and leave it for a duration of ten minutes. Wash off with warm water thereafter.
  3. If you have oily skin, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of vodka, one tablespoon of distilled water and one teaspoon of witch hazel. After which, spread the solution on your skin using cotton balls then wash off with water that’s cool. Storing it in the fridge would give it a one-week shelf life.
  4. To eliminate those pesky blackheads, just rub some lemon juice on the area where they are found every night then wash off with cool water the morning after. Continue doing so until the blackheads disappear.
  5. As an exfoliant, you need to cut the lemon and dip it into a half teaspoon of sugar. Then, rub it over your face for a few minutes. You also have the option to make a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and some few drops of water. Perform this ritual once every week and see how it removes your dead skin cells and refreshes it overall.
  6. For age spots, simply apply the lemon right to the area prior going to bed and rinse with cool water the morning after. Give it two weeks and you’ll see some noticeable cleansing and lightening color effects. For an overall body treatment, add a half cup of lemon juice that’s freshly squeezed to your bathtub then soak for a duration of twenty minutes.
  7. To create a mask that fights off wrinkles, mix a few lemon drops, one drop of sweet almond oil and one teaspoon of honey. Spread this evenly on your face and leave it for twenty minutes before rinsing off.

If you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated with the lemon’s citric acid, just mix this it with water then apply on your face with a cotton ball. Avoid applying lemon juice if you’re going outdoors or under the sun as it can make your skin all the more sensitive.

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