How to Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Eyeshadow

How do you make your eyes pop? Well, it’s all about finding the right eyeshadow for your eye color. If you’re on a daring mood and go out with a shadow that you don’t usually wear, this article is just what you need as we’ll be giving tips of some rather stunning shades that are sure to give your eyes some attention.

For starters, dab on some eyelid primer as it’ll do a great job in making your eye color more intense and vivid; thereby helping the pigment to stay in place.

1. Blue Eyes

Even on their own, your blue eyes already make a statement; hence it’s wise not to be so daring in your choice of eye color. However, if you’re really in a playful and creative mood, try dabbing some fuchsia or magenta eyeshadow. Be an electrified version of Elizabeth Taylor!

2. Brown Eyes

If you are brown-eyed, you’re one of those lucky girls who can pull off a range of pastel and bright colors. Although a little tricky, donning a gray shade will do wonder about transforming your eyes. That’s because the silver hues provide a perfect contrast to the brown’s warmth; thereby intensifying the tones of amber. This creates a multi-dimensional effect – a shimmery and smoky eye at the same time.

3. Hazel Eyes

Pick any color and your hazel eyes are sure to rock it with much confidence! What looks really cool though is putting on some royal blue hues. This gives a brightening effect of the camouflage shades of your irises; thereby bringing out yellow and amber undertones when the waterline is smudged.

4. Green Eyes

Sunset shades like amber does a great job of bringing our teal and yellow tinges in green eyes. If you check the color wheel, you’ll see that verdant and orange are split complements so they basically intensify each other minus the clashing. Try blending copper cream eyeshadow on the entire lid and in the corners then accentuate with a copper loose powder.

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