How to Make a Face Toner made of Cucumber Lemon

cucumber lemon

The ingredients you will need for your cucumber lemon facial toner are:

One and a half cup of cucumber that’s roughly cut
One eighth to one fourth cup of one lemon that’s been juiced
One half cup of witch hazel
One fourth cup of distilled water


To make your toner, follow these steps:

Add both the lemon juice and cucumber in a blender or processor.
Blend it till it’s fully mashed.

Add in witch hazel and distilled water inside a 2 measuring cup or inside a bowl.
Using a strainer with a cheese cloth, strain one mixture into the other.
Take out all the small remaining bits from the cheese cloth employing a small icing spatula.
Once you’ve drained it, fold the cheesecloth and squeeze it so that the rest of the juice will be removed.
This recipe makes about one and one fourth to one and a half cups.
Keep sealed in a container inside your fridge for some considerable weeks.

For user directions of your cucumber facial toner, pour some of it to a cotton pad or ball and apply it to your face.

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