Five Natural Remedies For Yellow Teeth

You get yellow teeth from consuming too much alcohol, caffeine or tobacco. To deal with such discoloration, people see their dentists for some whitening treatment; however, there are also some who opt for natural home remedies at home for the purpose of saving money.

If you want to try some home remedies, they generally work best if you’re teeth are sensitive. Check out this list we’ve compiled that have been tried and tested to be effective in removing yellowness of your teeth.

Lemon – Because of its abundance in Vitamin C which works on removing teeth stains, lemon is found to be a good remedy. To use, rub lemon peel on your teeth and gargle the lemon juice.

You can also combine a few drops of lemon with a pinch of salt and rub on your teeth. Apply the mix on your gums as well. Leave it in your mouth for two to three minutes then thoroughly rinse off thereafter.

Strawberries – Also rich in Vitamin C, the strawberry fruit is dubbed as one powerful cleanser. To use, simply grind some strawberries and mix it to form a paste. Gently rub onto your teeth gently to clean them. Repeat the procedure two times daily for some weeks to get desired results.

Another option would be to add a pulp of strawberry to a half teaspoon of baking soda. Apply this to your teeth and allow to stay for one to three minutes prior to rinsing thoroughly with water.

Apple – Use an apple like a toothbrush. Scrub it on your teeth to get that dazzling white teeth you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, you can whiten yellow teeth by satisfying your craving of an apple or two; however, be sure to chew them properly so that it can work on cleaning your stained teeth properly.

Charcoal – Charcoal may be black but it is one effective natural teeth whitener. Just mix charcoal powder with your regular toothpaste and gently brush it on your teeth. If you make a habit of brushing with it two times daily, you’ll get pearly whites in just a few days.

Baking Soda – You have two options of using this remedy: Either as a tooth powder or mouth wash. To make it into a mouthwash, just mix two teaspoons of baking powder with a single cup of cold water. Use this two to three times daily to whiten teeth. You may also use baking soda to brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes everyday.

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