Five DIY Soothers for Your Eyes

Your eyes face the computer more than eight hours a day and is a constant recipient of strain and stress. Before retreating for the night, it would be ideal to give your eyes some pampering too. Don’t take the sense of sight for granted for in whatever you do, it’s always, as in, always of use. You wouldn’t want to end up having damaged eyes now would you?

Here are some ways you can soothe your eyes yourself with the use of natural ingredients:

1. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber SlicesThis has always been a natural therapy for eyes that have become puffy and irritated. Cucumbers are able to decrease swelling because of it has both ascorbic and caffeic acid. To do this, place two cucumber slices, half thick on the freezer to chill.
Once it has cooled enough, place one slice on each eye, lay back and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. After which, take them out and wash your face with cool water.

2. Chamomile Tea (Black or Green)

ChamomileBecause it is anti-inflammatory by nature, chamomile helps to ease puffiness or redness around the eyes. What’s more, it contains the compound tannins and caffeine, the former of which gives skin an astringent effect by shrinking tissues that are swollen while the latter has the ability to decrease swelling by constructing blood vessels.
To apply, immerse two chamomile tea bags (black or green) in newly-boiled water for about three minutes. Then take them out of the water and let them cool inside the refrigerator. Once cooled enough, let each bag rest on each of your eyes and enjoy relaxation for a duration of fifteen minutes.

3. Milk

MilkMilk, when cold, is good in constricting blood vessels and decreasing swelling. Fat in whole milk is also good in soothing skin that’s dry and irritated.
Just pour ice cold whole milk or cream into a little bowl. Immerse two cotton balls in it then squeeze each cotton ball a bit and place over each eye. When you feel the cotton balls warming up, soak another pair and repeat the process for a duration of up to fifteen minutes.

4. Egg Whites

More than just food, egg whites makes good astringents and do quite a good job in smoothing and tightening skin. A good source of riboflavin or B2, it helps to promote circulation improvement as well.
Beat two egg whites to stiffness then apply the mixture under the area of your eyes with a brush. Allow it to dry for fifteen minutes then wash well with water. You have the option to add a few drops of witch hazel to the mix which prevents egg whites from drying that fast and helps to reduce swelling.

5. Spoons

spoonsBefore you toss up a spoon, know that it’s one good blood vessel constrictor, thanks to its cool temperature if chilled. This is good in decreasing redness or puffiness in your eyes.
Put four metal spoons in a glass of iced water. Once chilled, place each spoon on each eyes making sure that you are following your eye socket’s contour. If you feel the spoons beginning to warm, change it with the other spoons in the glass of iced water. Continue doing so until you feel the swelling subside.

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