Five Anti-Aging Vitamins that Keep You Looking Young

In order for you to stay healthy, you need to include vitamins in our diet. Playing a key role in maintaining your youthful look, supplements help you keep your vigor and enhance your body’s functions while simultaneously giving your complexion improvement.

We age mainly due from free radical attacks. It’s the antioxidants found in vitamins that fights and prevents them from attacking skin. Here are five vitamins hailed as your best bet when it comes to anti-aging.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin aids in absorbing fat and protein content in your food. As there are a number of skin and nervous disorders that are linked to aging, Vitamin B6 aids in addressing this situation by regularizing the performance of both your blood circulation and nervous system. If a person is not getting enough of it, he is prone to oral sores, muscle cramps and nervousness. Include milk, cheese, eggs, wheat gram, beef and cabbage in your diet as well.

Vitamin B12

Consuming vitamin B12 with lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, you are sure to have good red blood cell regeneration. Furthermore, vitamin B12 also improves memory, energy and health. If you are deficient in this vitamin, you are prone to complaining from menstrual disorders, palpitations and body odor. Worse results are health risks such as anemia and damage in the brain.

Increasing your calcium intake can help your body increase vitamin B12 supply. Incorporate milk and its byproducts as well as meat and eggs in your diet.

Vitamin C

Among all vitamins, this is specifically essential and necessary to include in your diet because your body can’t produce it naturally. Why is Vitamin C vital? Well, that’s because it offers our body a range of benefits like decreasing levels of cholesterol, preventing infections, warding off common colds, speedy healing of wounds post operation, diminishing blood clots.

Vitamin C deficiency results in fatigue, loss of appetite, nose bleeding and gastrointestinal problems. Adults are recommended to have an intake of 500 mg to 2 gm each day. Moreover, make sure to consume foods abundant in this vitamin like citrus fruits, potatoes, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and cauliflower.

Vitamin D

This vitamin’s main role is to aid in absorbing calcium and phosphorous. Inadequate supply of Vitamin D can be risky to health as it can lead to osteoporosis, rickets and tooth decay. The recommended dosage for adults is 500 to 1000 IU. Rich vitamin D food sources are fishes like tuna, sardines and salmon as well as dairy products.

Vitamin E

Among all vitamins, Vitamin E is dubbed to be the best because of its role in helping body oxygenation by carrying oxygen to our cells. Apart from that, it also helps heal blood clots and burns. Lack of this vitamin often results in atrophy, muscle degeneration and red cell destruction which is a condition known as hemolysis.

Abundant in Vitamin E foods are whole grains, whole grain cereals, soybeans and broccoli. Normal recommendation for adults is 200 to 1200 IU daily but if you have any health condition, this may vary.

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