DIY Steps on Whitening Your Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide

While it’s natural for your teeth to darken as you age, there are other contributing factors that lead to its yellow discoloration. Some of these culprits are smoking, chromogenic agents in tea and coffee as well as some antibiotics.

While most dentists offer teeth whitening as part of their services, it is rather expensive. Hence, some have resorted to DIY methods. One of these is the use of hydrogen peroxide, which you can easily do at home and get the same results. If you use a solution that’s pegged at three percent, the American Dental Association says it’s relatively safe.

Buy one bottle of hydrogen peroxide from a drug store.

While this is known to be a good treatment for cuts and wounds on skin, it also has antiseptic properties that are proven beneficial for your mouth hygiene. Choose the one with opaque packaging as this can stop light from changing its solution makeup. Go for a three percent solution as this is ideal and safe to use orally.

Employ hydrogen peroxide as your everyday mouthwash prior to brushing your teeth for a natural teeth whitening treatment.

Pour two tablespoons into your mouth and swish for a full minute. You will know the solution is working because it will start to foam. Once the hydrogen peroxide combines with oral bacteria, there will be a formation of bubbles on your mouth.
Spit everything out and mouth rinse using water.
Brush as you normally do.

Brush teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide once every week.

Pour two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into three teaspoons of baking soda and combine both until you form a paste. For consistency, make sure that your paste is as thick as that of a toothpaste.
Add in a little amount of minty toothpaste for a refreshing flavor.
Brush the formed paste onto your teeth in a circular motion, ensuring that you will get to cover all of your teeth. Allow mixture to stay for a duration of two minutes.
Wash off the solution by swishing your teeth all over with water,
Brush with your regular toothpaste to eliminate any leftover residue of the hydrogen peroxide.

Refrain from smoking and drinking beverages with tannin content. These are the likes of coffee, tea, red wine and soda. If the latter can’t be avoided, use a straw when drinking.

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