Five Anti-Aging Vitamins that Keep You Looking Young

In order for you to stay healthy, you need to include vitamins in our diet. Playing a key role in maintaining your youthful look, supplements help you keep your vigor and enhance your body’s functions while simultaneously giving your complexion improvement.

We age mainly due from free radical attacks. It’s the antioxidants found in vitamins that fights and prevents them from attacking skin. Here are five vitamins hailed as your best bet when it comes to anti-aging.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin aids in absorbing fat and protein content in your food. As there are a number of skin and nervous disorders that are linked to aging, Vitamin B6 aids in addressing this situation by regularizing the performance of both your blood circulation and nervous system. If a person is not getting enough of it, he is prone to oral sores, muscle cramps and nervousness. Include milk, cheese, eggs, wheat gram, beef and cabbage in your diet as well.

Vitamin B12

Consuming vitamin B12 with lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, you are sure to have good red blood cell regeneration. Furthermore, vitamin B12 also improves memory, energy and health. If you are deficient in this vitamin, you are prone to complaining from menstrual disorders, palpitations and body odor. Worse results are health risks such as anemia and damage in the brain.

Increasing your calcium intake can help your body increase vitamin B12 supply. Incorporate milk and its byproducts as well as meat and eggs in your diet.

Vitamin C

Among all vitamins, this is specifically essential and necessary to include in your diet because your body can’t produce it naturally. Why is Vitamin C vital? Well, that’s because it offers our body a range of benefits like decreasing levels of cholesterol, preventing infections, warding off common colds, speedy healing of wounds post operation, diminishing blood clots.

Vitamin C deficiency results in fatigue, loss of appetite, nose bleeding and gastrointestinal problems. Adults are recommended to have an intake of 500 mg to 2 gm each day. Moreover, make sure to consume foods abundant in this vitamin like citrus fruits, potatoes, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and cauliflower.

Vitamin D

This vitamin’s main role is to aid in absorbing calcium and phosphorous. Inadequate supply of Vitamin D can be risky to health as it can lead to osteoporosis, rickets and tooth decay. The recommended dosage for adults is 500 to 1000 IU. Rich vitamin D food sources are fishes like tuna, sardines and salmon as well as dairy products.

Vitamin E

Among all vitamins, Vitamin E is dubbed to be the best because of its role in helping body oxygenation by carrying oxygen to our cells. Apart from that, it also helps heal blood clots and burns. Lack of this vitamin often results in atrophy, muscle degeneration and red cell destruction which is a condition known as hemolysis.

Abundant in Vitamin E foods are whole grains, whole grain cereals, soybeans and broccoli. Normal recommendation for adults is 200 to 1200 IU daily but if you have any health condition, this may vary.

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Want to know more? Read online prodermagenix reviews and find out what it can do to help when it comes to age reversal.

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How to Know Your Face Shape

Just like aiming to achieve a perfect messy bun, trying to figure out your face shape is lots easier sound that it really is. Have you ever tried the trick, tracing your face in the mirror? I bet what you were able to make was a blob that looks more like a puddle than any other shape, let alone your face.

So that you can successfully pull off selecting which makeup and hairstyle flatter you, here are tips to knowing exactly what your face shape is. Once you’ve had that down pat, you’re sure to have have more confidence in applying your makeup and styling your hair.

1. Square – This means your face has straight sides and the line of your jaw is a little angled with just a bit of curve. Your face is both long and wide. Famous celebrities with this face shape are Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes.

2. Round – This is actually much like the square-shaped face that come with angles that are softer. This means your face’s sides have a slight outward curve instead of straight. You have a rounded chin with your cheekbones as you face’s widest part. Celebrities with this face shape are Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Olsen.

3. Oblong – Although dubbed as “rectangular” at times, they are actually lots more like the square-shaped face but more longer than wide. Apart from having a forehead, cheeks and jawline in a similar width, you have a little curve in your chin. Celebrities with this face shape are Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Joan Smalls.

4. Diamond – If a person would play connect the dots starting from the middle of your hairline down to your cheekbones and finally, to your chin, she will be able to draw a diamond. You basically have high cheekbones and a pointed chin. Note that what makes you different from the heart-shaped person is your narrower hairline. Celebrities with this face shape are Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Hendricks.

5. Heart – What characterizes this face shape are having a forehead as the widest part of your face and a pointed chin. For some, they have a widow’s peak at their hairline. Celebrities with this face shape are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Hyland.

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Eye Makeup for Different Occasions

1. Day Makeup

You don’t need exert much effort on makeup everyday as your plan may just be casual meeting with friends or a quick trip to the store, in which case, you can just dab on some lipstick so you won’t look so pale.

There are times however when certain occasions do call for a little dress up like a date at the mall or movies. You want to look cute and pretty but definitely not overdone. The key here is to keep your makeup light and simple.

Try applying some eyeliner and one coat of mascara. For eyeshadow, go for pastel colors. If it’s summer time, donning a peach or bronze shimmer would look nice during the day. To keep a fresh look, apply some white shadow at the corner of your eyes.

2. Office Makeup

For corporate settings, you would need to apply a little more makeup compared to day makeup but you have to maintain a professional look. Refrain from applying bold colors as the fluorescent lighting of your office would make them look harsher.

Employ a soft liner with one to two coatings of mascara. For shadow, stick to one with a warm tone so as to counteract the harsh lighting of the florescent. If you’re up working all night and have dark circles under your eyes, use a light pencil concealer to make them disappear.

3. Date Night Makeup

Make your eyes sparkle! A brighter eyeshadow would show a flirty, playful side of you but if you’re going for a more sensual and sultry effect, go for darker shades. Either way though, just make sure that the color sweeps up and out to create a smoky effect.

Brown shadows are generally good because they give just the right definition of the eyes without looking overdone. Apply a dark eyeliner on your upper lash line and of course, mascara for emphasis on your long lashes.

4. Night Out with Your Girls

This is the most fun look because you have the freedom to experiment with more colors so you can go for bright shadows, neon liners and all that glitter. You can play around with your mascara too, applying more than one coat of either brown or black at first then adding some color by brushing some bright colors of either purple, pink, blue or green at the tips of your lashes.

5. Formal Makeup

When it comes to events like these, you’re usually dressed to impress; hence, your eye makeup must also exude elegance and sophistication. The trick on achieving this is putting emphasis on just one specific area of your face. Go for your eyes as this is what draws a person’s attention to your face in the first place.
Ensure that your eyebrows are shaped properly and comb your lashes meticulously. Glitters are not recommended. Go for more neutral tones that complements your skin tone best s the rule to live by when it comes to formal events is “less is more.”

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Right Eyeshadow

How to Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Eyeshadow

How do you make your eyes pop? Well, it’s all about finding the right eyeshadow for your eye color. If you’re on a daring mood and go out with a shadow that you don’t usually wear, this article is just what you need as we’ll be giving tips of some rather stunning shades that are sure to give your eyes some attention.

For starters, dab on some eyelid primer as it’ll do a great job in making your eye color more intense and vivid; thereby helping the pigment to stay in place.

1. Blue Eyes

Even on their own, your blue eyes already make a statement; hence it’s wise not to be so daring in your choice of eye color. However, if you’re really in a playful and creative mood, try dabbing some fuchsia or magenta eyeshadow. Be an electrified version of Elizabeth Taylor!

2. Brown Eyes

If you are brown-eyed, you’re one of those lucky girls who can pull off a range of pastel and bright colors. Although a little tricky, donning a gray shade will do wonder about transforming your eyes. That’s because the silver hues provide a perfect contrast to the brown’s warmth; thereby intensifying the tones of amber. This creates a multi-dimensional effect – a shimmery and smoky eye at the same time.

3. Hazel Eyes

Pick any color and your hazel eyes are sure to rock it with much confidence! What looks really cool though is putting on some royal blue hues. This gives a brightening effect of the camouflage shades of your irises; thereby bringing out yellow and amber undertones when the waterline is smudged.

4. Green Eyes

Sunset shades like amber does a great job of bringing our teal and yellow tinges in green eyes. If you check the color wheel, you’ll see that verdant and orange are split complements so they basically intensify each other minus the clashing. Try blending copper cream eyeshadow on the entire lid and in the corners then accentuate with a copper loose powder.

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