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Welcome to Mesmeric Point, your gateway to all things beautiful and chic. Feel free to explore our site and feast your eyes on what we have in store for you.

A boy is looking up the stairs adoringly. Following his gaze, the object of his affection stands on top, looking back at him with the same loving look. So clearly in love they are with each other that other people can’t help but stop and stare at the tender scene happening right in front of them.

Everything about this scene is perfect except for one thing. The girl isn’t you. And you’re just one of the people standing at the sidelines looking at them wistfully, wishing to be in the girl’s place. Hating her for capturing your dream guy’s heart but admiring her beauty at the same time.

Does this sound familiar? How many can relate? Well, whether you admit it or not, this happens even to the best of us. Indeed, we’ve all tried being at the sidelines, too much of a coward to come out of our shell and let the world, or the object of our affection, take notice of us.

If you happen to be still hiding in your shadow, it’s definitely time to step into the light. The good news is Mesmeric Point is one with you in this life-changing journey.

We understand that the road to learning about beauty and the cosmetic world can be daunting; thus, we’ve set up an easy way for you to understand the basics. Filled with blogs on how to beautify yourself, it covers a range of topics from skincare and makeup tips, the best products to use, to DIY steps on of skincare remedies made from fruits, vegetables and other organic sources.

There’s a lot to learn and try out but it’s definitely going to be a fun journey of  discovery as we share the ways on how to make you look your best. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see yourself for the beautiful and special person that you have always been from the start. So, what are you waiting for?

Beauty beckons so come and heed its call. Step into the light because this time, it’s definitely your turn to leave everyone mesmerized.

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