4 Dental Habits that will Harm your Teeth

You may already know the typical dental habits that you should do to have clean and healthy teeth and gums such as: brushing your teeth twice a day, having dental check ups twice a year, flossing, avoiding sugar-based food, and so on and so forth. However, you may be doing some dental habits that harm your teeth which you don’t know about. Below are some harmful habits to your teeth that you may be doing.

1. Using your teeth to tear, grip, stretch, etc.

-A bunch of you might believe that your teeth is a Swiss knife, and use it to perform various tasks like opening a of chips, tearing off the tag of clothes, and a hosts of other activities. It would be best to stop this habit since these activities can cause your teeth to weaken and even rupture.

 2. Brushing your teeth right before/after consuming acidic food and/or beverage. 

-You may be wondering why you shouldn’t do this habit- after all, it’s about cleaning your teeth after eating and drinking. You see, if you directly brush your teeth before/after consuming acidic food/beverage, the saliva that supposedly protects the enamel layer will be removed when you brush.

 3. Teeth grinding

-There are many reasons why you grind your teeth: stress, heavy-lifting, mannerism, etc. Whatever the reason, you need to minimize or as much as possible, stop it. Continued clenching and grinding of the teeth will wear down your teeth.

4. Forceful brushing

-A lot of people believe that the harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be. It’s actually a false habit and can actually do more harm than good. Brisk brushing your teeth will eliminate the protective layers of your teeth. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, so gently brush your teeth in a circular motion.

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